How to test your connection quality

In order to test the quality of your internet connection please download the following application:


Biz Test


Once the application is installed open it and you will be presented with the following screen:

Click the Start Test button to begin, please wait until the test is completed, the full test may take up to five minutes or more depending on your internet connection.


Tests include:


  •    Network Status: To make sure that you are connected to a network.

  •    Internet Access: To assess the quality of your Internet connection.

  •    DNS lookup: To determine that you can reach Domain Name Servers.

  •    Cloud Services: To check if you can connect to standard web services.

  •    CDN Services: To measure your download speed.

Once the test is completed you will see the following screen:

At the end of the test you will be presented with a rating for your connection, the ratings are as follows:


•    Optimal: If you are experiencing problems, it’s definitely not your connection.

•    Good: Your network is not the fastest, but it’s pretty decent.

•    Fair: You may continue using this network, just be patient.

•    Poor: Use only if necessary; expect delays and intermittent communications.

•    Unreliable:  It is not advisable to use this network. Try again later.


For optimal performance of our applications you need to be connected to a Fair or above network.


If you have been requested to send the information of the test by one of our support representatives you will need to click the Share button, this will open a new email message with the test information inserted on it. Please make sure that you edit the To field on the email to include the email address provided to you by the support representative to ensure proper delivery of the log.


Please note that this application is compatible with devices using iOS 6.0 or later.

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