How to browse the catalogs, select favorite pages and search for items

To open a catalog you just need to tap once on its cover, once the catalog cover is displayed you can flip through the pages like you would do on a regular paper catalog, just drag your finger in the direction you wish to navigate and the page will automatically flip to the previous/next.


You can also mark pages on the catalogs for easy access, change the view of the pages or search for specific item, to do so you just tap the 3 lines on the top of the screen this will display a menu bar on the top part of the screen, it will display a Home Button for you to return to the home screen of the application, a four squares icon, a star icon, the name of the catalog you are viewing and a search field.

To exit a catalog just tap the Home button on the left hand corner of the menu bar.

Adding Favorites

To mark a page as a favorite simply tap the star icon, once a page is marked as a favorite it will be displayed as a thumbnail to the right of the catalog cover the next time you open it. To access a favorited page just tap the thumbnail for it and you will be taken directly to that page. If you wish to unfavorite a page just tap the star button while on that page  to remove it from your favorites.

Changing the view mode

To change the view tap the icon on the top bar that has four squares, this will change from the normal catalog view to a display of all the pages thumbnails, from this view you can tap any thumbnail and you will be taken directly to that page, after that you can either browse the pages by flipping or repeat the process to see the thumbnails for all pages. Once you exit the catalog the next time you access the catalog it will go back to the default flip through view.

Searching the catalog

To search for an item within the catalog just type a search term (name, product code or sku) on the search box located to the left hand side of the menu bar, once you begin typing a list will appear below the box displaying items that match your search term, depending on the search term you are using you might need to type the complete name/sku or it may appear along the list of partial matches. Once you see your desired product you can tap on it and it will take you directly to the catalog page where that item is located.

Emailing catalogs

To email a catalog tap the envelope icon on the top bar, you can either email a single catalog or several files if you keep adding content to the same list.

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