Content is not downloaded or is not displayed in the application

If you are having issues with content please make sure you have Internet connectivity, you may also want to test the quality of your connection by following the instructions on this article:

How to test your connection quality

The first download of content in the application may take up to 20 minutes or more depending on your connection speed, please make sure that you are leaving your app open during the entire process.

If after several minutes you don’t see that the application is downloading any new content and you are sure that a certain item is still missing you may want to shut down the app and log in again to force the application to synchronize the information again.

In order to shut down your application you will need to follow this article:

How to force your application to close

Then re open the application and login making sure you are connected to a high speed internet connection and check if there is a message on the top right hand corner of the screen saying that content is being downloaded.

If you continue to have issues you can also use the Reconcile option under the application Settings, you will be asked to close the app and re open it in order for the reconciliation to occur.

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