How to change your PIN

If you wish to modify our PIN you can do so from within the application, to do so please follow this steps:


  1. Login to the application using your current credentials

  2. Look for the Gear icon  on the bottom right hand corner of the screen and tap it

  3. Enter your desired new PIN under the New Pin and Confirm new PIN fields, this is to make sure no typos are made when entering the new PIN so both fields should have the same information.

  4. Tap Change, you should receive a message saying “Change Password Success - Your changes have been saved successfully”


If you receive a message saying “Change Password Error - New Pin and confirm new PIN are not the same” retype your new PIN under both fields again to make sure you haven’t mistyped one of the two, tap change or save and you should receive a message confirming the changes have been saved.

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