How to Reconcile Content in your Tocara iPad app

The mobile app has functionality that addresses the problem of some devices showing different information . This feature allows users to manually force a content reconciliation (that is, in a nutshell, requesting a list of everything to the server, checking it against what is locally stored in the device and then downloading what’s missing).

To use this feature simply follow these steps:

1. Make sure you are in a fast speed AND reliable Internet connection (do NOT use your 3G or LTE connection).

2. Shut down the Tocara iPad app

  2.1. If opened, close it by pressing once the home button in your iPad, 
  2.2. Then double press it, 
  2.3. Tap and hold the Tocara icon in the lower carrousel until the icons in the carrousel start jiggling
  2.4. then tap the “minus” red circle in the top left

3. Go to settings in your iPad. That’s the icon with the gray gears.

4. Scroll down the left panel (the menu) and find the Tocara app. It should be listed in the last group of icons, almost at the bottom.

5. Tap the Tocara icon and then turn on “Reconciliation” in the right panel.

6. Exit settings.

7. Log in again into the Tocara iPad app, you should see a “Reconciliation in progress” message. Let it run, may take up to 15 minutes. After the message disappears, the app will automatically start downloading all missing or outdated content.

8. That's it. Enjoy!

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